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Free audio and video sources

from scott lemon:

Quite a number of years ago, I came across BeSonic ... "the free MP3 download portal" ... and I'll go there every now and then and queue up a couple of hundred songs to download. Today I found another similar site!

One of the bands that I really like is The Grassy Knoll. Today I did a search on Google to see if they might have a new CD out ... and I found Epitonic ... "your source for cutting edge music". The title of their web site says "Hi Quality Free and Legal MP3 Music" and that is what I found. No only did I get three new cuts of The Grassy Knoll (and found out about their new CD) I grabbed about a hundred other songs. As an added benefit, I even got to see some of the new Diesel ads being done by AirLock ... very cool stuff.

another source:  wiki directory of free and legal music, Magnatune,  music metadata

Recording streams into mp3:

compact flash mp3 player/recorders


Livewire: Plucking Musical Gems from the Web: "

To separate the musical wheat from the chaff, and to unleash your inner Clive Davis -- the legendary talent-spotting producer who discovered Janis Joplin, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys -- a little technology can go a long way.

Collaborative filtering will be familiar to anyone who buys books on or music at Apple's iTunes stores, as in "Customers who bought this also bought..." The basic theory is that if Person A and Person B both like a given song, their music preferences are likely to coincide elsewhere.

One promising though unpolished piece of software for finding new music is called iRATE Radio, created by a New Zealand computer programmer named Anthony Jones. It serves up a steady flow of legal MP3s from sites like IUMA, which are then rated by the user.

As the recommendations pile up, iRATE gradually learns what you like by using collaborative filters. The more users and the more songs, the more accurately it works.

The program, which can be downloaded free at ( still has a few bugs and isn't exactly user friendly -- and the songs you will get at first can be laughably bad.

As one reviewer remarked, "Hearing the bad songs is part of the fun -- I could easily make the world's worst mixtape with it." But with 46,000 songs on tap at the moment and more on the way, you're likely to find something you like.

For the opinion of experts, Gods of Music ( is one of the best sites for reviews of online music. Many of the artists discussed sell their music on

And if you want to be certain where your music is coming from, a Web site ( (news - web sites)/) has been set up to check if artists belong to a label that's part of the Recording Industry Association of America, which has been filing lawsuits against people downloading songs illegally. "

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