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Water management sensor networks

Water management seems like an interesting niche: sensors specifically for water flow, level, and quality, dispersed through a watershed, irrigation system, and/or municipal system, would have many applications, both for long term applications and for one-time baseline projects (and cgnet has many potential institutional customers
Key idea for 3w development
  • pilot a kit of sensors and wireless comms, combined with preprogrammed NOC services at CGNET, for self-installation and experimentation in 3w water management situations
  • plan to build a user community
  • ask david lorey for interest, examples
Elements or examples:
  • Palo Alto flood warning system
      • consider add-on of SMS or phone messaging or conventional alarm, even based on iridium pager
      • e-government example: find out how it got done here
  • RFID tags that you seal from water, embed at various depths, so that they respond to a beacon only when above water; so you can determine the water level via RFID.  the beacon can be like the bus stop: solar, battery, beacon, wireless comms (tinyOS, wifi/wds, satcom/iridium, satcom/whaleTag, whatever)
  • higher end examples: NASA, VIA-SAT DATA SYSTEMS INC.:
  • refer to innovation diffusion, Enabling Innovation, disruptive tech, and CGNET experience with self-install packages with remote backup
Future idea:
  • program a wifi access point to support gateway between wifi/wds and tinyOS or other comms

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