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Purpose of this blog: to retain annotated bookmarks for my future reference, and to offer others my filter technology and other news. Note that this blog is categorized. Use the category links to find items that match your interests.
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Ideas for stories

Topics that would make good stories to write or outline onto the site


  • Resume 
  • Personal history/timeline
  • List of web sources

Background ideas

  • Innovation:
    • more dispersed, so inter-organizational comms more promising
    • cumulative and combinatorial, leading to overhangs and avalanches
    • internet speeds discovery and evalation, so things like capital choices should get better
  • Collaboration, implicit and explicit
    • Explicit, committed collaboration is enhanced by recent communications capabilities and industrial innovations (e.g., groove, consultants, outsourced services)
    • Implicit collaboration is emerging in new forms
      • Amazon purchasers "collaborate" by sharing summaries of who has bought what
      • Google collects opinions of web publishers into collaborative filters
      • Weblogs allow spontaneous and self-organizing collaborative filters
      • Search for potential competitors (or for prior art) enables new entrants to a market or field of study to find unique and unexplored niches, effectively collaborating to avoid direct competition
  • 4 values from the old "new world order," still relevant, two with large tipping points and two cumulative
  • Nanotech background
    • sensors, materials, computation and quantum logic, medicine, and finally machines
    • environmental potential wins
    • role of molecular modelling and effects of grid computing
  • Climate change
    • breakdown of 10x reduction in developed world, by sector
    • importance of developing countries
    • importance of renewable energy
    • importance of overhangs and avalanches
    • improving our estimates of technological change
  • Renewable energy
    • Solar prospects
    • Wind prospects
    • Economics with no grid or micro-grids: Central role of efficiency

Notes from sources

  • Russ: Korea observations
  • PARC talk on encouraging innovation
  • David Kieth, CMU, on co2 sequestration


  • web sites i'd like to try
  • list of questions i'd like answered
    • how low-power can a pc workstation get?
  • dream about disposable displays
  • nifty quotes

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