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10/26/2005 Next steps in Iraq
1/21/2005 Tony Judt on Europe v. America
11/24/2004 Groove needs external interfaces
9/20/2004 Why I Write This Blog
9/14/2004 A note on the singularity as I understand it
4/22/2004 How to get this weblog by e-mail
4/22/2004 Collection of raw notes on Bayes implementations
3/17/2004 Michael Ignatieff on Iraq
3/9/2004 Globalization
12/6/2003 Environmental technologies
11/26/2003 Fun stuff to play with
11/24/2003 Comment on CGNET and e-commerce
11/10/2003 Gravitrons, dimensions, string theory
11/10/2003 Accelerating change and policy
10/13/2003 Free audio and video sources
10/10/2003 Water management sensor networks
10/3/2003 Projections on solar photovoltaic cell prices
2/9/2003 Renewable energy investor letter
2/1/2003 Innovation overhangs
1/8/2003 Resume
1/8/2003 Notes for a new home page
1/7/2003 Ideas for stories

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