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daily link  Friday, May 13, 2005

Interesting use for the Mac Mini:  "A few weeks ago I was visiting another one of my portfolio companies. They are in the process of rolling out the beta of their enterprise software product. But rather than risk any difficulties with download and installation, the company was shipping its beta as an appliance by simply loading the software onto the Unix shell of a mini and shipping the mini to its beta customers. Configuration of the beta at the customer premises then consisted of simply plugging in the power and the ethernet cable. Couldn't be easier.

Sure, I know that there are cheaper machines to be had running Linux on Intel processors. But the combined power, simplicity and beauty of the Mac mini can not be beat. I suspect we'll be seeing them popping up all over the place -- in the home and in the office -- in the coming months and quarters "

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Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model:  Scott Lemon writes about SCORM:  "There is a good SCORM "brief description" here. It's a rich specification for the creation of courseware - educational software - that includes the course material, coupled with exercises and exams (assessments), and even some metadata about the "flow" of the course - the order that students have to accomplish different parts before progressing, and even scores that must be attained - along with where to send the results.

I had my first demonstration of SCORM today in the form of a government course being given by the Navel Postgraduate School. It was pretty cool ... a .zip file contained the entire SCORM course (something on marine navigation) and once loaded into Blackboard there was all of the course material, the exams, and for the student a way to begin learning."

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