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daily link  Friday, December 17, 2004

Magnolia 2.0 Upgrades Open J2EE Content Management: "Swiss-based Obinary has released Magnolia 2.0, the first upgrade to its Open Content Management project. .. Magnolia 2.0 is also the first CMS to support the Java Content Repository API (JSR-170). Magnolia 2.0 is available for free download from http://www.magnolia.info/ and can be tested online at http://www.magnolia.info/demo. Companies like Siemens Enterprise and numerous customers from the pharmaceutical industries are already using Magnolia today, the group said...

Magnolia 2.0 uses the open-source licensed JSR-170-implementation "Jackrabbit" as a content repository. Magnolia 2.0 was primarily developed by engineers and devs at Obinary, a software and consulting firm located in Basel/Switzerland that also offers commercial support, hosting, training and implementation services for Magnolia. " An advantage of the open JSR-170 is that it prevents "lock in" to a content management system by storing the content in a vendor-neutral store.

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