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daily link  Sunday, December 26, 2004

Start-Up Firm Launches Open Source Object Database: "db4objects is a commercial, VC and privately funded company with European roots and now based in based in San Mateo, Calif. The free GPL-version is available for download for Java, .NET and Mono.

There is also a commercial license for ISVs and services firms looking to resell db4obejcts. The db4obejcts database software, dubbed db4o, is already in use by Hertz, BMW's Car IT unit, and Spain's AVE (the high-speed train unit), company execs said.

The firm calls db4o is the first native object database for both Java and .NET, sporting an architecture that gives developers the "simplest and easiest way to directly store objects," according to db4objects' CEO Christof Wittig. Implementation is also designed to be simple, allowing devs to have db4o code up and running in under five minutes, Wittig added. "  9:10:26 PM  permalink  

daily link  Sunday, December 19, 2004

Presentation Tips for People running Virtual PC or VMWare: Good tips for tech demos, even if you aren't running VMs.

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Screen shot

ZoomIn for Windows: "ZoomIn is a screen magnification program allowing you to view any area of your screen under magnification. ZoomIn allows you to control the amount of zoom, view a pixels location and color, and save it as a bitmap.  Use ZoomIn is a very simple program to use. Place your mouse over the main window and click and hold the mouse button then drag the "zoom" window over the area of the screen to enlarge. "

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daily link  Friday, December 17, 2004

Magnolia 2.0 Upgrades Open J2EE Content Management: "Swiss-based Obinary has released Magnolia 2.0, the first upgrade to its Open Content Management project. .. Magnolia 2.0 is also the first CMS to support the Java Content Repository API (JSR-170). Magnolia 2.0 is available for free download from http://www.magnolia.info/ and can be tested online at http://www.magnolia.info/demo. Companies like Siemens Enterprise and numerous customers from the pharmaceutical industries are already using Magnolia today, the group said...

Magnolia 2.0 uses the open-source licensed JSR-170-implementation "Jackrabbit" as a content repository. Magnolia 2.0 was primarily developed by engineers and devs at Obinary, a software and consulting firm located in Basel/Switzerland that also offers commercial support, hosting, training and implementation services for Magnolia. " An advantage of the open JSR-170 is that it prevents "lock in" to a content management system by storing the content in a vendor-neutral store.

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daily link  Wednesday, December 15, 2004

LogMeIn - Remote Access Software and Remote Control Software:  A new competitor to www.gotomypc.com.  Free version for simple remote control, $13/mo with file transfer and synchronization, free admin tools.  9:22:12 AM  permalink  

Finding a Product Idea for Your Micro-ISV: Part of a series on the "micro-ISV" -- ie, one-person software vendor.  A few nice ideas:

  • Discover add-ons to existing products by trolling product-specific Internet sites and looking for complaints.  "The sheer volume of whining on the Internet usually makes it easy to quickly fill your candidate list with add-on product ideas"
  • Choose your competition. "If you can't find any competitors at all, be afraid. This is usually a very bad sign. It means that your product might not actually have any market at all."
  • How to avoid having to hire a sales guy.  Also: "It's important to realize that this sales guy issue affects your pricing decisions as well. Corporate buyers have limits. If you exceed these limits, they need lots of approvals from their superiors, which means you need a sales guy to hold their hand throughout the process. Avoid these limits (and the sales guy) by keeping your product price under $1,000, preferably under $500."
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torrentocracy - about prodigem: "Prodigem is a content hosting service. It uses Bit Torrent peer to peer (p2p) filesharing to enable you to distribute extraordinarily large media files at an extraordinarily low cost. In fact, the service is currently free (but probably will not be forever). Prodigem is currently in a limited testers phase and will be opened to wider availability shortly. In the meantime, you can download content and see what's available from the Prodigem Torrent Tracker.
What is revolutionary here is that Prodigem completely automates the entire process of setting up bit torrent sessions for the distribution of your content. You simply upload your content via the web and with the click of a few buttons, the Prodigem servers are hosting and seeding your torrent for your content."  8:47:18 AM  permalink  

daily link  Sunday, December 05, 2004

Get ${Stuff} Done with Groovy: "I've been using and very much enjoying Groovy, a scripting language for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It's a great scripting language, and it provides you with access to all of the class libraries available for Java. In other words, you get all the benefits of Java without having to write so much bloody code all the time. "  A jumping off point for the language.  An example:  using Groovy and Bloglines Web Services to make a 3-pane well-featured news reader in 150 lines of code.  9:38:02 PM  permalink  

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