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XML and software
XML, web and software in general, with notes on Radio Userland resources

daily link  Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Chatango: Sounds nifty. "Chatango is a new way to make contact with people online. It's the first tool for real-time, private, disposable, one-on-one in-page communication. The best thing about Chatango is that it can be added to any web page, like an eBay auction, or Xanga, or any web page. Your visitors can chat with you without leaving your page. "  1:07:47 PM  permalink  

Extend Microsoft Office SharePoint with hyper.net Publishing: "Hyper.Net, the content accelerator for the Microsoft .Net infrastructure, offers tight integration with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001/2003, Windows Sharepoint Services and Microsoft Content Management Server 2002. The integration allows companies to quickly transform oceans of Office documents managed in SharePoint directly into fine-grained hypertext web content. Demos and downloads online.

Also on sharepoint, BlueDog offers a downloable RSS generator for sharepoint data:  "The Syndication Generator for Windows® SharePoint® Services is a web part based RSS generator.  The web part is highly configurable and requires no access to the server once it has been installed. ..  Drag/drop the web part onto your page, pick the list you wish to syndicate, and ... tada! Your feed is up and runing in no time flat."

  12:42:27 PM  permalink  

Apache Agila: "Apache Agila is a new donation to the Apache Software Foundation consisting of a lightweight BPM engine and auxiliary services."  OETrends reports "With Agila, devs would be able to automate workflows among various Java platforms, such as setting traction thresholds or moving documents (such as approvals, invoices, etc.) through the approval chain.

The core of Agila's technology was contributed to ASP by Gluecode Software Inc., a software and services company specializing in Apache-based projects. Gluecode currently ships its own Open Source BPM engine.

Agila, which means "eagle" in Tagalog, features a simple XML document format for workflow specification, basic administration, user management, task lists and notification services. Agila will become part of ASF's Jakarta Java projects. "  9:19:26 AM  permalink  

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