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daily link  Friday, October 29, 2004

S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System: Sweet.  Runs well.  "S5 is a slide show format based entirely on XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With one file, you can run a complete slide show and have a printer-friendly version as well. The markup used for the slides is very simple, highly semantic, and completely accessible. Anyone with even a smidgen of familiarity with HTML or XHTML can look at the markup and figure out how to adapt it to their particular needs. Anyone familiar with CSS can create their own slide show theme. It's totally simple, and it's totally standards-driven."  10:25:30 PM  permalink  

daily link  Wednesday, October 27, 2004

CoolText.com is a free online graphics generator.  Choose what kind of image you would like to create, fill in a form and the image is created on the fly. Includes a font and texture collection.  An outgrowth of Net-Fu software created at UC Berkeley.  9:32:44 PM  permalink  

daily link  Tuesday, October 26, 2004

NewsGator Online: An apparent competitor to Bloglines as a web-based RSS aggregator, from the company that has the succsssful Outlook plug-in aggregator.  9:33:16 PM  permalink  

Wikinews:  Building on the large and successful wikipedia community, a news site is proposed, with review before publication and links to sources.  "We seek to create a free source of news, where every human being is invited to contribute reports about events large and small, either from direct experience, or summarized from elsewhere. Wikinews is founded on the idea that we want to create something new, rather than destroy something old. .. 

While Wikinews aims to be a useful resource of its own, it will also provide an alternative to proprietary news agencies like the Associated Press or Reuters; that is, it will allow independent media outfits to get a high quality feed of news free of charge to complement their own reporting. Thanks to copyleft, anyone can create their own free news source - even a non-neutral one - on the basis of our work. Even if our articles will initially be few, they will be free, permanently available and not require registration before reading.

While we are faced with many new challenges, Wikinews will adopt the key principles which have made Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia websites what they are today: neutrality, free content, and an open decision making process.

We seek to promote the idea of the citizen journalist, because we believe that everyone can make a useful contribution to painting the big picture of what is happening in the world around us. The time has come to create a free news source, by the people and for the people. We invite you to join us in this effort which has the potential to change the world forever."  A potentially important source to open source intelligence.

  9:30:27 PM  permalink  

pulver.communicator: New version of "Free World Dialup" SIP-based software for peer-to-peer VOIP, with additional features:

  • multiprotocol multiparty instant messaging (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN)
  • filtering incoming comms by contact lists
  • "social networking" - sharing and distribution of contact lists with your contacts
  • "call-me" links that can be sent to non-subscribers
  4:58:11 PM  permalink  

daily link  Monday, October 25, 2004

Top 10 Google Myths: Brief summary of Page Rank and other topics.  10:00:18 PM  permalink  

One-stop way to read news, blogs online: Good end-user intro to the topic.  12:32:04 PM  permalink  

daily link  Thursday, October 21, 2004

Remote Syslog with MySQL and PHP: "Msyslog has the ability to log syslog messages to a database. This allows for easier monitoring of multiple servers and the ability to be display and search for syslog messages using PHP or any other programming language that can communicate with the database."  9:30:38 PM  permalink  

daily link  Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Myghty - High Performance Python Templating: "Myghty is an all-new, Python based content-delivery and template system derived from HTML::Mason, an enterprise-quality web development system written for a Perl environment, the templating choice of Amazon.com and Salon.com among many others. Primary Features: Built from scratch for optimized performance under mod_python (2.7 or 3.1). Also runs in standalone, embedded library, or CGI context just as easily. Full featureset of HTML::Mason supported, including componentized development, methods, inheritance, autohandlers/dhandlers, output caching, smart exception reporting, etc."  11:39:46 AM  permalink  

daily link  Tuesday, October 19, 2004

washingtonpost.com - rss news: 125 feeds now available, specific to the level of columnist.  9:01:20 AM  permalink  

daily link  Monday, October 18, 2004

xpath2rss: "xpath2rss is Yet Another HTML->RSS scraper. This one's different in that instead of using regular expressions, as most do, it uses XPath."  11:57:21 PM  permalink  

Novell NetDrive: Webdav client for Windows: "NetDrive is a free client, provided by Novell, to allow access to Webdav servers from Windows, by mapping a drive."  11:41:48 PM  permalink  

daily link  Thursday, October 14, 2004

Boycott Sinclair Broadcast Group: Real time example of using the Internet in politics. Check the user-supplied database of the Sinclair advertisers, and the wiki summary of the issues and up-to-date advertiser responses.  9:15:50 AM  permalink  

Joi Ito's Web: Will the tail wag?  Excellent discussion on the implication of Chris Anderson's article, The Long Tail: "Will there always be producers and consumers of music and other content, or does the amateur revolution really take off and completely blur the consumer and the producer of content?"  See also Charles Leadbeater's Amateur Revolution, where "From astronomy to computing, networks of amateurs are displacing the pros and spawning some of the greatest innovations..  These far-flung developments have all been driven by Pro-Ams -- committed, networked amateurs working to professional standards."  (Ref my earlier posts on "open production").  8:54:56 AM  permalink  

daily link  Monday, October 11, 2004

Windows Installer XML (WiX) toolset has released as Open Source on SourceForge.net: So developers can make MSI files with Microsoft tools for software distribution.  10:42:46 PM  permalink  

Open source startup interruptus? A skeptical opinion of startups SourceLabs and SpikeSource, aimed at supporting enterprise open source applications:  "I find it hard to see how either company will be anything more than minimally succesful against the likes of Red Hat, IBM or HP. The semi-logical conclusion is that both companies were started with exit strategies already in place. Some free advice to the founders: Sell your companies. Sell them quickly. Take the first offer that comes in. "

A member of SourceLabs replies in a comment, "The goal is not to sell a certified stack, it is to sell support for a certified stack. We will give away the certified stack. You will only have to pay if you want support for it. Certification carries two purposes: the first is to make customers feel comfortable enough to run the stack, and the second is for us to make sure that it is stable enough to provide support for it."

  10:39:14 PM  permalink  

Polese steps into open-source fray: Kim Polese, a former Sun Microsystems executive who was the original product manager for Java, is now at the helm of SpikeSource, an open-source software services company that launched on Thursday .. Services will include support and product certification as well as consulting for corporate IT staff during the application development and installation process, according to the company. .. By the end of the year, the company intends to launch a beta test of its services for the LAMP and LAMPJ "stacks" of open-source infrastructure software, according to the company's Web site. ..

SpikeSource appears to already have a competitor. Another group of industry veterans, including former Microsoft executives Brad Silverberg and Adam Bosworth, is backing SourceLab, which launched last week. The company intends to offer similar support and installation services around bundled open source components on a subscription basis"

  12:19:08 AM  permalink  

Jotspot: Wiki with WYSIWYG editing, email integration, and database interfaces.  Now in beta.  12:10:08 AM  permalink  

daily link  Friday, October 08, 2004

daily link  Thursday, October 07, 2004

Blogdigger and Feedster:  Two RSS search engines.  Feedster has some services to add to blogs (e.g., "search this blog" or "search my sources").  11:03:10 PM  permalink  

Magic Mirror (p2p) Backup: "Magic Mirror Backup works by copying the files and folders on your computer to other computers within your office. In exchange, these other computers also copy their own files onto your computer. This sharing of backups has quite a few advantages not the least of which are that it is extremely convenient and cost effective. "  Linux and Windows versions.  Free through v1.0.  8:09:03 PM  permalink  

Another sign that blogging is becoming mainstream: "Hoover's collects information about companies and sells it to other companies. Last year, they were acquired by Dun and Bradstreet. D&B was founded in 1841 and is .. "mainstream" in the business world. Yesterday I was surprised to learn that the Hoover's overview on SourceGear contains information which could only be found on my weblog. The byline says we are covered by an analyst named Jeff Dorsch, and I have never spoken with this gentleman personally. In the course of researching SourceGear, he not only visited my weblog, but also my silly Not-A-Legend site. I recognize that weblogs have obviously been steadily gaining traction over the last few years, but this still comes as a pleasant shock. I would have assumed that it would take several more years before firms like Hoover's and D&B would use weblogs in their research."  9:07:14 AM  permalink  

daily link  Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Protocol Informatics Project: Application of bioinformatic algorithms, which decode DNA sequences, to computer protocols, allowing the discovery of protocol structure from captured data.  Could be useful in network debugging, generating test data, or even discovering hackers.  Other info: article in Wired, excellent presentation with diagrams.  8:51:38 AM  permalink  

daily link  Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Chatango: Sounds nifty. "Chatango is a new way to make contact with people online. It's the first tool for real-time, private, disposable, one-on-one in-page communication. The best thing about Chatango is that it can be added to any web page, like an eBay auction, or Xanga, or any web page. Your visitors can chat with you without leaving your page. "  1:07:47 PM  permalink  

Extend Microsoft Office SharePoint with hyper.net Publishing: "Hyper.Net, the content accelerator for the Microsoft .Net infrastructure, offers tight integration with Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001/2003, Windows Sharepoint Services and Microsoft Content Management Server 2002. The integration allows companies to quickly transform oceans of Office documents managed in SharePoint directly into fine-grained hypertext web content. Demos and downloads online.

Also on sharepoint, BlueDog offers a downloable RSS generator for sharepoint data:  "The Syndication Generator for Windows® SharePoint® Services is a web part based RSS generator.  The web part is highly configurable and requires no access to the server once it has been installed. ..  Drag/drop the web part onto your page, pick the list you wish to syndicate, and ... tada! Your feed is up and runing in no time flat."

  12:42:27 PM  permalink  

Apache Agila: "Apache Agila is a new donation to the Apache Software Foundation consisting of a lightweight BPM engine and auxiliary services."  OETrends reports "With Agila, devs would be able to automate workflows among various Java platforms, such as setting traction thresholds or moving documents (such as approvals, invoices, etc.) through the approval chain.

The core of Agila's technology was contributed to ASP by Gluecode Software Inc., a software and services company specializing in Apache-based projects. Gluecode currently ships its own Open Source BPM engine.

Agila, which means "eagle" in Tagalog, features a simple XML document format for workflow specification, basic administration, user management, task lists and notification services. Agila will become part of ASF's Jakarta Java projects. "  9:19:26 AM  permalink  

daily link  Monday, October 04, 2004

Imagination Cubed: Shared online drawing tool from GE.  8:26:27 AM  permalink  

daily link  Sunday, October 03, 2004

getNoCatInfo.pl - mrtg script: Performs wget to scrape web pages for values and passes to MRTG for tracking and analysis.  From Scott Lemon.  12:43:16 PM  permalink  

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