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XML and software
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daily link  Friday, September 17, 2004

Groove app-launcher:  3-part mini-tutorial on extending Groove.  "In part one I showed a Windows application using Groove Web Services to talk (in a very minimal way) to Groove's collaborative workspace services. Note that this is how Groove File Sharing works too: in that case, yes, GFS is a shell extension which talks SOAP to the local Groove instance.."  11:10:29 PM  permalink  

Jon Udell says it: This is exactly my motivation for this blog:  "as I process my daily RSS inflow in Bloglines, it's very much in my own interest to put the few items of most value in a place where I can find them later. That I'm also putting them someplace where you can find them, that you may be doing the same thing for me, that we may collectively move toward standardized use of shared topics as we iterate this process, that reputation-based filtering may then begin to operate on the emergent set of topics -- all this is goodness, and may ultimately matter, but my participation (and yours) does not depend on these outcomes. Pure self-interest is a sufficient driver. "

Also like my authoring tool, Jon uses a "bookmarklet, so that selected text on the target page is used for the (optional) extended description of the routed item. This makes the items I route easier for me to scan. And for you too."  At least twice a week, I search my blog to find collections of links for friends or colleagues.  Cut and paste into an email, super quick. And the few that use news aggregators or bloglet for email delivery already get it as I write it.

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