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daily link  Wednesday, September 15, 2004

KwikiKwiki: "Kwiki is perhaps the simplest to install, most modular, and easiest to extend Wiki. A Wiki allows users to freely create and edit web pages in any web browser. Kwiki is Open Source Software written in Perl, and is available on CPAN."  9:53:30 AM  permalink  

What is ecto?: "ecto is a feature-rich desktop blogging client for MacOSX and Windows, supporting a wide range of weblog systems.."  9:52:42 AM  permalink  

Spammers using sender authentication too, study says: August 31, 2004: "2.8 % of legitimate e-mail passes SPF checks, compared with just 3.8 % of spam, CipherTrust's survey showed.  .. spammers have been faster to adopt the technology than legitimate e-mail senders, Judge said.  "Spammers are now better than companies at reporting the source of their e-mail," he said.  ..

Only 31 Fortune 1000 companies publishing SPF or Sender ID records, and only 6 % of CipherTrust's customers publish SPF records, despite the fact that the company's products can check for and validate SPF records, he said.

But Wong, who co-authored both the SPF and Sender ID standards, said that stopping spam was never the intention of SPF or Sender ID. The technology is merely a way to stop one loophole spammers use: source address spoofing. Evidence that spammers are publishing SPF records is a good sign, Meng said. "Spammers are buying into a future that will wipe them out," he said.

In theory, when all spammers are forced to publish SPF records, along with all legitimate e-mail senders, it will be easy for legitimate companies to develop e-mail reputations for Internet domains that do and do not send spam, he said. ..

Meng said that SPF was never intended as an antispam cure-all, likening the difference between SPF and antispam technology to the difference between "flour and food."  "There are about 12 things that we need to do to fix e-mail, and this is one of them," Meng said, paraphrasing comments by Nathaniel Borenstein of IBM Corp., another antispam expert. "When we have all 12 in place, we'll start to win the war." "

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