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XML and software
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daily link  Wednesday, September 01, 2004

June 2004 Phishing attack report:  Useful background data from http://www.antiphishing.org/,  9:23:03 AM  permalink  

Must-download TV:  "In recent months, a host of developers and TV enthusiasts have been working on ways to improve the TV trade online -- they're building sophisticated trading networks to record and encode and distribute shows, and they're improving peer-to-peer transfer systems to make downloading easier. The hottest new improvement is made possible by the merging of two of the Internet's newest innovations, the p2p protocol BitTorrent and RSS, the popular Web syndication standard. Together, these systems allow a computer to automatically find and download a user's favorite shows -- something like having a TV station designed just for you. "  Examples: TV RSS Linux Client: "Gtk2-Perl Torrent RSS feed reader for linux."; and Buttress: "will be a Application to automatically download and run .torrent files from RSS feeds, without user input"  12:20:11 AM  permalink  

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