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daily link  Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Crypto researchers discover flaws: "MD5's flaws that have been identified in the past few days mean that an attacker can generate one hash collision in a few hours on a standard PC. To write a specific back door and cloak it with the same hash collision may be much more time intensive.   Still, Hughes said that programmers should start moving away from MD5. "Right now the algorithm has been shown to be weak," he said. "Before useful (attacks) can be done, it's time to migrate away from it." "  SHA-1 still looks good, but there are new approaches suggested toward cracking it. 

Technology Review: Fingerprinting Your Files has a c lear and simple explanation of MD5 and SHA-1 hash functions, and how they can be used in applications, system security, and compression.

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Streamripper: "an Open Source (GPL) application that lets you record streaming mp3 to your hard drive."  It divides the mp3 webcast into separate files for each song.  Instructions online.  6:59:57 AM  permalink  

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