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daily link  Friday, July 30, 2004

DocBook: A data format for multi-destination publishing (i.e., publishing from XML into PDF, HTML, Word, and CD-ROM formats).  Interesting collection of related tools for XML formatting in general.  12:26:35 PM  permalink  

XMLmind FO Converter: "XMLmind FO Converter is a JavaTM component which converts XSL Formatting Objects (FO) to RTF. In less technical terms, it can be used to convert XML data or XML documents to MS-Word documents .. Two stand-alone applications using the conversion engine are available: fo2rtf (command-line executable) and xslutility. .. Personal Edition consists of the two stand-alone applications and can be used at no charge.."  12:22:28 PM  permalink  

PHP's HTML_QuickForm: PEAR, the PHP Extension and Application Repository, has functions for many purposes.  This gives a tour of how they handle form generation and validation.  Separately, PHP 5 has been released, with many upgrades in XML processing, SOAP, SQL access, and object-oriented programming support.  11:03:27 AM  permalink  

daily link  Thursday, July 29, 2004

Cyber women test what's real: State of the art in graphics, modelling humans.  9:31:28 AM  permalink  

GFS Tactical Radio Comms:  Application of Groove to emergency group voice comms, at the Strong Angel 2 exercise:  "Groove 3.0 feature called Groove Folder Sync (GFS). With Groove 3.0 installed, GFS allows one to share a Windows file system folder with another Groove user without using a shared space as the container.  One of the requirements at Strong Angel was to demonstrate how tactical radio communications could be extended to other continents. ..

As police, fire, and other first responder communications came in across the radios, [their voices] would be trapped and converted into MP3. The files were then dropped into a GFS folder which immediately synchronized GFS folders in Baghdad, Washington, and other parts of the globe.

I constructed a .NET app that would monitor folder events and then play these MP3's as they came in. It mimicked a police scanner. A civil affairs soldier sitting in Baghdad could then hear the actual tactical communications as they came in from our exercise in Hawaii."

  9:20:46 AM  permalink  

TradeStation: PC program for programmed stock trading.  From the Singularity Investor: "Tradestation will make the actual buying and selling decisions, based on complex numerical algorithms such as wavelet analysis. They call this "Automated Execution" of trades. "  9:10:24 AM  permalink  

daily link  Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Virtual Research Associates (VRA):  The VRA reporter is used by humanitarian agencies to record incidents and other information regarding the security of their field workers.  It integrates information from wire services with direct reporting, and has a GIS function.  An interface with Groove and other non-web-based tools is being explored.  The company's other tools track international news of many types, with one product that "providies early warnings about potential international “hot spots”".  The natural language processing comes from ongoing research project at Harvard's school of international relations.  10:27:26 AM  permalink  

daily link  Tuesday, July 27, 2004

ActiCam: Webcam plugin for Groove workgroups.  Communicates selectively, only to those online at the moment.  9:05:44 AM  permalink  

daily link  Sunday, July 25, 2004

Audioblog.com: Audioblog.com is an audio publishing service that puts your voice in your weblog or online journal.

  • Record over the Web user BlogRecorder™
  • Supports popular weblog services and tools
  • Add and configure multiple weblogs
  • Moblog by phone (up to 60 minutes)
  • Upload an MP3 or WAV file
  • Organize your audioblogs with playlists
  • Customize your player's style and color "

Starts at $5/mo for up to 1 GB of transfers.

  1:34:14 AM  permalink  

daily link  Thursday, July 22, 2004

Mysterian: Groove application developer, with a nifty telemedicine app to transfer and track xrays and other images from the field to specialists:  "Radiology Manager, the first product from our Mysterian Medical Suite, brings the power of secure, flexible, collaborative working to the healthcare sector. .. “As Radiographers, it gives us the advantage of having a radiologist to back us up when needed as we are often without their physical presence”, says Malcolm. “Utilising Groove for image review can ensure patients are transferred promptly to the correct speciality unit or, indeed, save patients having an unnecessary trip to the mainland.”

  11:59:28 PM  permalink  

Info-Share: This NGO's updated site contains a paper by Sanjana Yajitha Hattotuwa detailing how Groove was used in the Sri Lanka peace process and subsequent elections.  Many illustrations.  Great example of ICT to facilitate collaboration in a developing country.  Inspiring work.  11:43:50 PM  permalink  

daily link  Monday, July 19, 2004

Wikipedia Hits 300,000 Articles: "For size comparisons, the English Wikipedia has 90.1 million words across 300,000 articles, compared to Britannica's 55 million words across 85,000 articles. (All the languages combined together reach 790,000 articles.) For much of the first half of 2004, Wikipedia's growth has outstripped server capacity - however, the shortage of PHP/MySQL developers is probably the biggest long term problem facing the project."  9:19:54 PM  permalink  

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