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XML and software
XML, web and software in general, with notes on Radio Userland resources

daily link  Friday, May 07, 2004

Color scheme generator  11:12:38 PM  permalink  

PayPal Announces ''PayPal Web Services'': "PayPal Announces ''PayPal Web Services'' .. Suite of New PayPal APIs Enables Merchants and Developers to Automate Interaction with the PayPal eCommerce Platform."  Extends the PayPal Developers Network.  11:06:10 PM  permalink  

pygoogle: "This module is a wrapper for the Google Web APIs. It allows you to do Google searches, retrieve pages from the Google cache, and ask Google for spelling suggestions."  11:03:00 PM  permalink  

MIDlog: "MIDlog, a J2ME client for all blogging systems that support the Blogger API. MIDlog is open-source and GPL software,"  10:34:31 PM  permalink  

MRTG: The Multi Router Traffic Grapher has been revised with new docs in Jan 2004.  Includes doc/mrtg-logfile a description of the mrtg-2 logfile format, and an optional facelift.  3:57:58 PM  permalink  

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