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XML and software
XML, web and software in general, with notes on Radio Userland resources

daily link  Monday, April 19, 2004

Velocity: A java template engine run in many environments, with an apache/jakarta project for generating web html.  From java.net: Velocity: Fast Track to Templating: "Velocity is a fast and easy-to-use Java-based templating engine. Velocity's speed, ease of use, and flexibility contribute to its use in a broad range of applications, including code generation, email templating, and web user-interface creation. A template is a parameterized, predesigned text format. A template engine processes a template and fills in the parameterized pieces with concrete data."  Another article: Client and server-side templating with Velocity: "Velocity is a versatile, open source templating solution that can be used standalone in report generation/data transformation applications, or as a view component in MVC model frameworks. In this article, Sing Li introduces Velocity and reveals how you can integrate its template-processing capabilities into your own client-side standalone application, server-side Web application, or Web services."  Plus, Velosurf: "Velosurf is a java database abstraction layer, for the Velocity template engine. It is meant for ease-of-use, genericity and efficiency."  6:06:37 PM  permalink  

SpamBayes: Bayesian anti-spam classifier written in Python. "The SpamBayes project is working on developing a Bayesian anti-spam filter, initially based on the work of Paul Graham."  Excellent  background page.  Includes POP and IMAP filters and Outlook plugin, but no sharing of filter info.  Work started in August 2002.  Reminds me of my 2001-2002 RDV fellowship, when I went looking for simple tools for doing Bayes filtering of RSS feeds, to rank-order and cluster articles.  Maybe now's the time?  9:49:22 AM  permalink  

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