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daily link  Saturday, February 28, 2004

Michael Helfrich's Weblog: Groove and the Tactical Edge: Part 1: First installment of the story of how Groove came to be used for humanitarian operations in Iraq.  Starting in late 2002: "The day after Eric's talk, a very eclectic group of Groove employees formed for the first time to offer their evenings and weekends to develop Groove applications that could be used in disasters, both natural and man-made. We built 11 over the next six months. These ranged from applications to reunite families dispersed across refugee camps, to casualty evacuations to be used by coalition forces and NGO's. The final application was a set of capabilities in Groove that was used during the Super Bowl in January of 2003 to link first responders, California law enforcement, hospitals in San Diego, and Secret Service personnel in Washington...

[For Iraq, Eric's] challenge was a need to link 134 people from 43 different civil-military organizations, representing multiple nations, each on their own private, albeit it internet-connected networks. UNDP had managed to have all 43 organizations agree on a common data collection set that became what was known as the Rapid Assessment form [on] when and where relief supplies would be distributed..

On Sunday March 16th, Eric took delivery of a Groove-based Rapid Assessment form. .. By Thursday morning, 120 users in Washington, Qatar, New York, Washington DC, London, and Kuwait City were up and running in Groove, many of them were forward deployed near the Iraq border in the south.

Early in the morning on March 25th, a Groove notification fired in my Windows system tray. The first Rapid Assessment form had come in after coalition forces overran Talil airfield near Al-Nasiriyah in southern Iraq. Within minutes, almost 50 people had streamed into the Groove Rapid Assessment shared space and the chat pane exploded with message traffic. The UN, the Red Cross, 1st MEF members, and others had received the same notification and swarmed into the space to begin the task of getting humanitarian assistance into the area. As a technologist, it was an incredibly surreal moment to see our technology being used at such a historic moment..."

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Legal Services and Networking: How a law firm benefited from social networking software.  "One of your employees might be the golfing partner of a key contact at a prospect's company, and a point of leverage for closing a deal. Software from vendors like Interface and Spoke is meant to expose such connections by, inter alia, combing through Outlook folders to see who knows whom and render it searchable by others.

"In the past year, we've had a couple of instances where the software identified an existing relationship we'd never have been aware of otherwise," says Sobin. "One of those engagements generated more than a million dollars in new business.""  The software also distills a common view of the relationship with a customer from everyone's email files, so all staff are "reading from the same page."

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