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XML and software
XML, web and software in general, with notes on Radio Userland resources

daily link  Monday, February 16, 2004

SpamProbe - A Fast Bayesian Spam Filter: "SpamProbe relies on a Bayesian analysis of the frequency of words used in spam and non-spam emails received by an individual person. The process is completely automatic and tailors itself to the kinds of emails that each person receives.. SpamProbe is open source software and anyone is free to use it on their computers without any fees."  11:57:51 PM  permalink  

Jeroen Bekkers' Groove Weblog: I discovered many sources of Groove tools and extensions today, thanks to this weblog from Suite75, a developer of Groove and Flash tools.

  • SUITELAB, Suite75's collection (some of which are highlighted below), including shared Visio viewer, 3D molecule viewer, and shared blogger tool
  • CodeWeavers - Run Groove under Linux with other Windows apps
  • do-hyki: "dohyki is a simple experimental collaborative note-taking application. It's kinda like a small private wiki, and shares some of wiki's free-form ethos. .. Notes (pages) are stored in a Groove "files" tool which you choose. If there are other members of the Groove shared space, you can all work together at the same time."
  • Tim Knip's FlashHyki version of hyki in Flash
  • PowerTools for Groove, with improvements in Files and Chat, many in the free version
  • FileSyncWiz: Sync disk files with Groove spaces.  "Very useful in situations where all members do not use Groove, but must share files with other Groove users. This tool will pick up local changes and update into Groove or take new files that have been changed in Groove and update the local folders, so other members instantly get changed documents."  Could be used for web site production, esp with a CMS like Radio.  Rumored to be in v3 of Groove.
  • Groove Interop Tool for Radio, recently upgraded
  • GForce.Time time billing tool, costs between $50 and $75
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Smartmoney.com Map of the Market: Great way to visualize the market.  Have seen references to this sort of thing for looking at the contents of a disk drive, which would be very useful.  Wish it was as easy to load and run as this map!  Related:

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