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daily link  Sunday, December 21, 2003

High Performance Zion Visitor Center - Photovoltaic Panels: Cool 360 degree views of Zion center, highlighting energy savings and generation, in a beautiful setting.  11:14:18 AM  permalink  

Groxis: knowledge management, data mining and information mapping tool called Grokker.  Currently searches your own data and creates clusters. Has announced plug-in to integrate Google search results, to be released in early January.  $49 with 30-day free trial.  11:11:54 AM  permalink  

Update on Quovix: "as it turns out, the community approach is good for the smallest jobs. Quovix has set up sub-communities that are good at things such as Java and feeds them, on a rotating basis, micro projects that take a few hours. Customers win because they normally can't find anyone willing to take on small projects, and Quovix developers get a steady enough stream of small jobs to make it worth their while." 

And an explanation from the CEO's Blog: "I don't really like selling us as an alternative to offshore outsourcing but, after four years, it seems to be the message that customers understand. Yes it is cheaper, yes, it does involve resources from around the world. The reason it's cheaper isn't because someone in Russia is willing to work for $7 per hour. In fact, we pay our members the same rate no matter where they live. It's cheaper because a) we don't have the overhead of people sitting around getting paid while requirements are being developed, b) we're not paying the team to train themselved on the toolsets that will be used, c) we don't engage highly skilled workers until all the upfront planning has been done and they can go immediately to work."

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