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daily link  Wednesday, November 26, 2003

MHonArc Home Page: "A mail-to-HTML converter," written in perl.  Might come in handy for mailbucket-type service.  2:24:18 PM  permalink  

daily link  Monday, November 24, 2003

Shirky: A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy: The first really good thing I've read in the field of "social software".   A fun read too, with stories from 1978 bbs' onwards, observations on social process, and useful (essential) advice for service providers and software authors.  10:15:42 PM  permalink  

Scott Hanselman's Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tools List: treasure trove for .NET hackers.  5:45:37 PM  permalink  

Xteq URL Bandit: "Xteq URL Bandit 1.2 - Grab URLs from the clipboard fast and easily Xteq URL Bandit is a little program that monitors your clipboard and catches all URLs it finds. These URL are saved so you can later easily access them and don't lose them when you turn your computer off. "  5:45:11 PM  permalink  

daily link  Saturday, November 22, 2003

blo.gs: " blo.gs lets you keep an eye on your favorite weblogs via the web, email, and instant messenger. you can even put the list on your site: a blogroll that knows what is new"  11:50:34 PM  permalink  

daily link  Friday, November 21, 2003

Sri Lanka: As Peace Falters, Activists Turn to ICT to Build Bridges: "In December 2002, the Sri Lankan government's Peace Secretariat invited the Colombo office of the AED [USAID contractor for Education and Development] -- one of the coordinators of the peace process -- to set up a data-sharing software to network their office staff.  While an AED team including Hannes, who is a consultant to them, was working on the project, the hit upon the idea of creating a similar, though infinitely more sophisticated software, for the entire peace process. 

In April this year, just as the team was discussing the concept with officials of the Peace Secretariat, local NGOs and media groups involved in the peace process, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) rebels suspended talks.  Recalls Hannes, "At that moment we realized we should not wait any longer. Although there were emissaries conveying messages from the government to the LTTE and vice versa even after the suspension, the impact of the communication breakdown between the two parties was apparent."   In the aftermath, a clutch of parties - including peace promoters attached to the premier local NGO - Center for Policy Alternatives, Young Asia Television and the Peace Secretariat joined the AED team to conceive and execute the project. ..

The pilot project which was initiated on September 1 this year, is funded by Groove Networks which is co-owned by Information Technology giants Microsoft and Intel, the Appeal for Nobel Peace Laureate Foundation, AED, and USAID. "  I believe the software is based on Groove.

  4:23:59 PM  permalink  

daily link  Thursday, November 13, 2003

AIM Manufacturing Videos: "AIM has developed an introductory website for kids and adults showing how various items are made. It covers over 40 different products and manufacturing processes, and includes almost 4 hours of manufacturing video. It is targeted towards non-engineers and engineers alike. Think of it as your own private online factory tour, or a virtual factory tour, if you wish."  Fun.  3:18:39 PM  permalink  

daily link  Friday, November 07, 2003

Affordable Neural Network Add-ins for Excel: $40; wonder if it works?  3:22:23 AM  permalink  

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