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Wireless remote data
Technologies and sample systems that gather sensor data across distances, usually via radio links. This includes general telemetry and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), especially for gathering data about wildlife, natural resources, and distributed energy systems.

daily link  Wednesday, May 26, 2004

IT WatchDogs: Devices and sensors for watching places like computer rooms remotely.  Tracks humidity, temperature, air flow, light and sound levels, doors open/closed, webcam, etc.   Sensors with RS232 under $200, packaged with self-contained web site under $400. Similar but more expensive are NetBotz.  5:15:15 PM  permalink  

Yahoo! wifi finder:  Directory of wifi locations, including iPass, Boingo, etc.  Appears to be US only.  Searchable by type of location and distance from a street address.   Includes some free hotspots (like public libraries) but doesn't list open access points.  10:20:31 AM  permalink  

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