Wireless remote data
Technologies and sample systems that gather sensor data across distances, usually via radio links. This includes general telemetry and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), especially for gathering data about wildlife, natural resources, and distributed energy systems.

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daily link  Sunday, November 09, 2003

What is an EPIRB ?: "EPIRB stands for Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon. .. This page is intended to explain what is an EPIRB and to work out the advantages or disadvantages of the different EPIRB-systems: 121,5-MHz-ELT, 406-MHz-EPIRB and Inmarsat-E-EPIRBs. The When activated, an EPIRB transmits a distress call which is picked up or relayed by satellites and transmitted via land earth stations to rescue services. There are basically three types of EPIRBs with distinct, important differences.. "  These have been used for maritime wildlife tracking, military distress signals, and other applications.  1:19:06 AM  permalink  

ACeS - ASIA Cellular Satellite: Satphone of choice in South and East Asia.  "ACeS sells its services through its National Service Provider (NSP). ACeS NSPs may own gateways in their respective countries and also issue ACeS Satellite/GSM SIM cards with their own brand. ACeS and/or the NSP will appoint distributors or sales agents out of its NSP country to market the ACeS service." Prices 30-50 cents per minute, not that much more than roaming charges in some markets.  With an asset tracking system: "ACeS, announces the launch of ACeS-i its Asset Tracking and Fleet Management (ATFM) sevices in Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. With ACeS-i, you can control and manage any asset anywhere in Asia, under ACeS Garuda-1 satellite coverage."  12:45:19 AM  permalink  

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