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Wireless remote data
Technologies and sample systems that gather sensor data across distances, usually via radio links. This includes general telemetry and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), especially for gathering data about wildlife, natural resources, and distributed energy systems.

daily link  Tuesday, June 10, 2003

The Toughest Tablet: "the GoBook Tablet, which weighs in at less than four pounds and sports an Intel Pentium III processor running at 866 megahertz and optimized for low power consumption.  Built with mobile field workers in mind, it can withstand rain, snow, extreme temperatures, dust, shock, vibration and exposure to chemicals. That goes above and beyond usual annoyances like a spilled drink or a casual drop.

Aside from that, it's able to maintain three distinct wireless networking connections at once. Depending on your needs, it can connect to Wi-Fi wireless networks, Bluetooth, and wireless phone networks like CDMA and GPRS networks all at once. The standard configuration includes a 30-gigabyte hard drive and 640 megabytes of memory. It will ship in September with a starting price of $2,995, which is higher than other tablets."  11:38:41 PM  permalink  

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