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Wireless remote data
Technologies and sample systems that gather sensor data across distances, usually via radio links. This includes general telemetry and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), especially for gathering data about wildlife, natural resources, and distributed energy systems.

daily link  Thursday, April 24, 2003

ZigBee: "ZigBee was created to address the market need for a cost-effective, standards-based wireless networking solution that supports low data rates, low power consumption, security and reliability. ZigBee is defining both star and mesh network topologies, a variety of data security features and interoperable application profiles.

ZigBee is the only standards-based technology that addresses the unique needs of most remote monitoring and control and sensory network applications. The Alliance's members' low cost, low power solutions will enable the broad-based deployment of wireless networks that are able to run for years on standard batteries for a typical monitoring application.

ZigBee-compliant products operate in the unlicensed bands worldwide, including 2.4GHz (global), 915Mhz (Americas) and 868Mhz (Europe). Raw data throughput rates of 250Kbs can be achieved at 2.4GHz (10 channels), 40Kbs at 915Mhz (6 channels) and 20Kbs at 868Mhz (1 channel). Transmission distance is expected to range from 10 to 75 meters, depending on power output and environmental characteristics."

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