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daily link  Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sipura SPA-3000  Small unit that provides voip and gateway functions.  Interfaces for ethernet, and for "normal analogue telephone (or cordless) and a standard PSTN line.  In technical terms, this has both an FXS and an FXO interface - the FXS interface allows a normal telephone to be turned into an IP phone and the FXO interface provides connectivity to a PSTN line (or of course another voip adapter which is locked by the provider). These interfaces can be configured independantly using the onboard web interface where when you log in as an admin user and switch to advanced mode, there are hundreds of settings ..."  Has instructions for remote control by Asterisk. About $100.  It ought to would work with a virtual machine Asterisk, I suppose.  (Spec sheet here).
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daily link  Sunday, January 15, 2006

How to stress test virtual machines:  Helpful test of system performance benchmark tools.
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Convert physcial to virtual with NTBACKUP:  Instructions on conversion, similar to ghost but using windows' built-in utilities, a fat USB drive, and a Windows install CD.
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daily link  Sunday, January 08, 2006

Virtualized Automaton: Reducing the size of VMs for portability: Has many tricks for reducing the footprint and the boot time of vms (and some for any windows machine).
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Thin client server:  If you run XP as a VM, you can use RDP into it to control from a desktop.  To convert old PCs into cheap terminals, this product from X2 seems promising.
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