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daily link  Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Xen developers working on secure virtual desktop: Xen developers are preparing a package like VMware ACE, aimed at banking and homeland security.  To be released with version 4.0, no date yet set.  9:37:44 AM  permalink  

daily link  Friday, June 24, 2005

Meiosys:  Interview about an application virtualization technology.  The company was recently purchased by IBM.   "From our perspective, virtual machine technology is really about resource isolation. It's about creating OS containers that are isolated from other containers on a physical machine. You can run multiple virtualized machines in parallel on a physical machine and have complete isolation. Technology like VMware gives you the capability to run multiple OSs in parallel on the same machine, so you can run Windows and Linux in parallel. You get some utilization benefits out of that on a machine-specific basis, but the real value of that technology is resource isolation.

We're application virtualization so we're above that infrastructure and resource level, and our technology is much more fine-grained. We build a container dynamically around a specific application that runs either on a physical or virtual machine, and we allow the application to be moved from physical machine to physical machine, or virtual machine to virtual machine. We are more granular because we can wrap and move specific applications and application processes, and of course multiple applications can be running within a particular virtual machine.

We also have developed a patented TCP/IP socket migration technology that allows us to preserve state and connection during the relocation of an application from one machine to another. .. Because we provide a fine-grained virtualization at the application layer, our overhead is under 1%, compared to 15% to 40% overhead for some other technologies which enable mobility. .. We abstract the application from the OS. We run for the most part in user space, not kernel space. "

Also has interesting comments about selling data center software into enterprises through channels.

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daily link  Saturday, June 18, 2005

Red Hat virtually supports Xen: Fedora Core 4 released with Xen.  Future versions of Fedora will probably be driven by a new Fedora Foundation rather than Red Hat corporate.  Plus, here's a tutorial about Xen on SuSe.  9:22:53 AM  permalink  

VMware Technology Network (VMTN) for Developers:  VMware aims to be a platform for software distribution and development.  As John Sequeira recognized years ago, software can be delivered better in vm's (especially open source software).  "Pre-built application environments in VMware virtual machines.. [are now] available for download to any software developer. Industry-leading software vendors BEA Systems, MySQL AB, Novell, Oracle and Red Hat are among the first to distribute their software in virtual machines.  Entire application environments can be pre-installed, pre-configured and "saved" within a best-practice virtual machine. Developers can eliminate many of the traditional stumbling blocks associated with testing, evaluating and deploying new software by using these pre-built applications within virtual machines."

Also announced: VMTN Subscription for a suite of most VMware products with support and upgrades priced at $299 per developer per year.




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daily link  Thursday, June 02, 2005 the vMatrix:  John Furrier's interviews Amr Awadallah about vMatrix, which moves virtual machines around the net to balance game response times, among other things.  (This is the first of John's podcasts I've checked out -- excellent interview style, solid tech background.)

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