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Virtual computing
Virtual and distributed computing technology and applications

daily link  Saturday, January 15, 2005

Using MVS2005 with VS.NET: Article on scripting MSVS 2005, with sample code you can download from Surgient.  "virtual images voraciously consume large amounts of disk. This means that a typical host may not have enough space to store many idle 4-10 GB virtual image files. VS2005 partially solves this problem by allowing VMs to chain image files into differencing layers that share a common base image.  The VS2005 differencing layer technology is called differencing disks (undo drives are a variant of differencing disks). This technology enables you to create a base image of the operating system and then install applications into a difference disk layer. A single base image can then be used by several VMs that each have a unique differencing disk. ..

[In a resource-heavy testing scenario] Toggling the VM power states and working with shared base images addresses the resource limitations of the host. To use our testing environment, we must create a small .NET application that toggles between server configurations by changing both the VM's power state and its differencing disk configuration. "

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The Soul of a Virtual Machine: Microsoft tech writer keeping a categorized blog on MSVS, including categories for P2V and other specific how-to's.  11:52:30 AM  permalink  

Flexbeta seems an interesting site for investigating beta software releases.  They have articles, and also links to recent software, like VMware Workstation for Windows 5.0 Build 11888 Beta, with a direct link to a 51mb .exe download.

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Virtual Server 2005 Service Pack 1 - features and availability: MSVS will support new hardware and software, plus a "Disk Precompactor, a utility that is designed to "zero out" that is, overwrite with zeros any available blank space on a virtual hard disk. A public beta is slated for the end of first quarter 2005, with product release planned for the second half of calendar year 2005"  11:46:23 AM  permalink  

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