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Virtual computing
Virtual and distributed computing technology and applications

daily link  Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Gentoo Forums :: VMWare Workstation raw disk with WinXP guest: "on a laptop with a 10GB NTFS partition loaded with WinXP pro, with the rest of the 40GB disk used for Gentoo. I can successfully dual boot, but rarely do as I'm sort of allergic to Windows. However, I do need a few things in Windows from time to time, so I have had a small XP installation on a virtual disk which has worked fine, but uses a few GBs of space on my rapidly filling HDD. Using the existing 10GB XP install was the logical solution. Results: Well, it works! I can now successfully run WinXP from within Gentoo using VMWare, or boot natively into WinXP upon reboot. Besides saving space, I am very impressed with the speed increase. Booting WinXP from the raw disk is MUCH faster than from the virtual disk. Opening applications is MUCH faster. " (e.g., photoshop loads in 10 secs instead of 21).  "Suspending the OS is not advised with raw disk use. Snapshots won't really work. Basically you lose the ability to undo things like you could with a virtual disk. "  11:43:43 PM  permalink  

coLinux for more than one vm:  It appears the last change to coLinux was May 2004.  It supports running Linux on XP.  One upgrade feature I did not notice before was the announced ability to run more than one vm:  "Support for running more than one instance of coLinux is now functional"  11:40:21 PM  permalink  

MetroPipe:  "MetroPipe released a technology review of their Portable Virtual Privacy Machine. The product allows traveling professionals to carry their entire communications and presentation environment on a single portable memory device.

"The Portable Virtual Privacy Machine (or PVPM) is basically a virtual machine which boots a Linux operating environment, and runs a variety of communications software - a browser and email client . It also includes a beta version of our Tunneler product, which anonymizes and encrypts the user's Internet communications while using the PVPM, " said Kenny Kaputa, Chief Technology Officer. "Because the PVPM is a self-contained operating environment, the user is able to use relatively insecure systems in order to conduct personal and business communication. For example, the PVPM is excellent for use within the world's Internet cafés - you don't have to worry as much about hackers eavesdropping on your communications. Or bothering with long searches at airport terminals - you can wear your computing environment around your neck!"  "Oh yeah, " continued Kenny, "you can put the PVPM on virtually any read/write memory device: USB drives, Flash memory, an iPod, etc. It really doesn't matter.""

Their overall mission is extreme privacy:  "The Metropipe Tunneler application allows even novice Windows, Macintosh OS X, and Linux users to experience completely private web communications. The Tunneler creates an impenetrable channel for anonymous browsing, chat, and file transfers that encrypts and anonymizes every bit of Internet data that you send through it.."

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