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Virtual computing
Virtual and distributed computing technology and applications

daily link  Monday, November 15, 2004

virtualization.info - Is VMware going to launch hardware based virtualization solutions?: "Vodafone project manager Doug Colvin said his firm will deploy up to 300 new Wintel servers in 2005, and will manage most of them with VMware virtualisation tools. He added that in the longer term, virtualisation could let Vodafone outsource its server operations. "Why not contract third-parties such as HP to own and operate VMware server farms and pay them to host our virtual server systems?" he said. This new hosting scenario could make it easier for firms to retain control of mission-critical applications and speed up the deployment of new applications.

Vodafone's research found that virtualisation technology would cut the maximum time to acquire and deploy a new server from 40 days to 32.5 days. It also found that upgrading a single site of 140 servers to run across two sites using VMware's ESX Server would save £270,000 each year. This approach would also give firms the flexibility to move between server hosting firms with minimal disruption, because virtualisation insulates applications or operating systems from server hardware."

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VMware cuts virtualization software price: "VMware has cut the price of its GSX Server software, the lower end of two products that let multiple operating systems run on the same hardware. The software now costs $1,400 for a dual-processor server and $2,800 for systems with as many as 32 processors; previously it cost $2,500 for a dual-processor server, $5,000 for a four-processor server and $10,000 for an eight-processor server. " Still more than MSVS, but not by much...  10:18:35 PM  permalink  

MetaVNC -- a window-aware VNC: Neat way to remote control multiple machines. "MetaVNC is a window aware VNC. MetaVNC merges windows of multiple remote desktops into a single desktop screen. MetaVNC also comes with its own task bar and application menu, which makes it easy to control applications or windows on different hosts. Furthermore, MetaVNC trys to merge remote desktops with local desktops."  10:12:35 PM  permalink  

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