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Virtual computing
Virtual and distributed computing technology and applications

daily link  Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Red Hat builds on Netscape security acquisition, virtualization plan:  "The company is also planning to add server virtualization functionality to the Open Source Architecture with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. "Virtualization right now with regard to Linux is the next big thing, it's the next evolution of the operating system opening up many more possibilities," said Cormier.

Red Hat currently partners with VMware Inc for its virtualization technology, but the indications are that the company will turn to open source virtualization projects that will be tightly integrated into the Open Source Architecture. ..  "What happens more often now with our customers is they say: 'I'm watching the development going on with Xen or UML [User-Mode Linux] in the virtualizations space, do what you did in the operating system for that, commercialize that'."  Xen is an open source virtual machine monitor project for x86 systems from the University of Cambridge, UK's Computer Laboratory, while User-mode Linux is a patch for the Linux kernel that enables virtual machines."  The article implies that Enterprise Linux 5 will come in the second half of 2005.  12:00:40 AM  permalink  

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