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Virtual computing
Virtual and distributed computing technology and applications

daily link  Thursday, September 23, 2004

VMwarel Case Study at the Spring Independent School District: Replacing 40 Novell and light-duty Windows servers with four VMware multi-processor systems.  "VSM: How has server virtualization affected hardware purchases?

PD: The first six servers were old 933 MHz/1GHz boxes with 1GB of memory. We were in the process of getting rid of them. We were able to use them for VMware GSX servers. We added an additional processor and they work great for hosting four VMs each. Later, we added an additional 1GB of memory and reduced the number of physical servers to four, hosting 6-7 VMs each.

We recently decided to purchase two quad Xeon servers with four 73GB HDD and 12GB of memory to host up to 32 VMs each. Instead of buying additional servers for new projects that require low usage servers, we can make VMs on the ESX servers or use the old dual 933/1GHz servers with 2GB RAM. "  11:40:31 PM  permalink  

Dell bundles VMware on PowerEdge: "Dell also announced yesterday that it would be pushing VMware's ESX Server virtualization product on its PowerEdge 1850 (1U) and 2850 (2U) Xeon-64 servers. While Dell has had a partnership with VMware for quite some time to sell its GSX Server and ESX Server, this offering goes a little bit further in that Dell is selling pretested systems (but not preconfigured) that have been certified to run specific VMware virtualization software and offering front-line technical support for the whole shebang. Dell is only offering ESX Server as part of this deal, which is the low-level virtualization software from VMware that has the best isolation between virtual machines, in that it runs on the bare metal server, not within another operating system that could, in theory, fail and take down all of the virtual machines. Dell is selling ESX Server 2.1.2, which has been tweaked to support the 64-bit "Nocona" Xeon processors, as well as VMware's Virtual Center Management Server. Dell is also supporting the CX300 and CX500 SAN arrays that it makes in conjunction with EMC. Dell pricing for ESX Server starts at $4,688 for these two PowerEdge servers, including Dell support, which is backed by VMware's Platinum support. Dell is also supporting the Virtual SMP features of ESX Server (which allow a single virtual machine to span across two physical processors) and VMotion technology, which allows the workload running inside one virtual machine on one physical machine to be transported across the network to another partition on another machine. This offer is available in the United States and Europe.

Dell is not, by the way, offering pretested GSX Server configurations on these machines, although GSX Server will work on it. GSX Server allows multiple virtual machines to run inside a host operating system."  7:44:35 AM  permalink  

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