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Virtual computing
Virtual and distributed computing technology and applications

daily link  Saturday, August 28, 2004

Limits to movement of a VMware Linux virtual machine: "Copying, moving, and backup operations are as simple as manipulating the virtual machine's files and selecting File | Open from the VMware menu to make VMware aware of a new or moved virtual machine. Note, however, that when moving a virtual machine to a different physical machine, you will need to edit the guest's device settings for the new hardware. Further, if the new computer uses a different processor, a Linux guest may not work on the new machine. This is due to the fact that Linux installations choose a kernel optimised for either an Intel or AMD processor. "  10:53:49 PM  permalink  

Virtual Server 2005: Program Customized Testing Environments Without Trashing Your Machine -- MSDN Magazine, August 2004:  Windows COM code that automates system setup tasks in a testing environment.  Code is downloadable.  10:50:12 PM  permalink  

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