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daily link  Saturday, August 28, 2004

Limits to movement of a VMware Linux virtual machine: "Copying, moving, and backup operations are as simple as manipulating the virtual machine's files and selecting File | Open from the VMware menu to make VMware aware of a new or moved virtual machine. Note, however, that when moving a virtual machine to a different physical machine, you will need to edit the guest's device settings for the new hardware. Further, if the new computer uses a different processor, a Linux guest may not work on the new machine. This is due to the fact that Linux installations choose a kernel optimised for either an Intel or AMD processor. "  10:53:49 PM  permalink  

Virtual Server 2005: Program Customized Testing Environments Without Trashing Your Machine -- MSDN Magazine, August 2004:  Windows COM code that automates system setup tasks in a testing environment.  Code is downloadable.  10:50:12 PM  permalink  

daily link  Monday, August 23, 2004

The SoftGrid Platform: Interesting approach to application virtualization.  Oriented to delivering Windows apps to desktops or to terminal servers by monitoring their use of Windows resources (e.g., DLLs, registry keys, files, etc).  In latest release, application elements can be delivered offline in advance of use to minimize bandwidth requirements.  Has just been certified for use with MS Virtual Server 2005.  10:39:55 AM  permalink  

daily link  Thursday, August 19, 2004

Troubleshooting common problems in Microsoft Virtual PC 2004.  Long webcast transcript, several useful nuggets for Virtual PC users.  10:49:52 AM  permalink  

daily link  Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Streamlining Software Testing with IBM Rational and VMware Test Lab Automation: "Software test teams that have deployed Rational TestManager to improve productivity are still challenged by the difficulty and expense of testing in multiple system configurations. Testing on all necessary combinations of hardware, operating systems and installed software normally requires labor-intensive setups on many dedicated test machines. The only alternative has been a large investment in banks of test machines. VMware virtual machines vastly simplify configuration management and eliminate the need for a physical machine .. IBM Rational and VMware have jointly developed the IBM Rational and VMware Test Lab Automation Solution to address the challenges of configuration testing. "  11:03:40 PM  permalink  

daily link  Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Enhancing Rollback by Using Virtual Machines: Many tips on using Virtual PC, including how to convert physical to virtual machines by hand.  (Comment:  one techie here says it may be more typical to "run a repair installation" rather than do his method for cleaning up drivers after a migration.)  Here's a similar document on conversion under VMware.  3:21:47 PM  permalink  

daily link  Friday, August 06, 2004

Microsoft touts Virtual Server as NT migration tool: "Microsoft is pushing its upcoming Virtual Server 2005 software as the means for partners to migrate customers from NT Server 4.0 systems across to Windows Server 2000 and 2003.  .. Microsoft Australia product manager for servers, Michael Leworthy, .. said up to 25 per cent of Microsoft server customers were still operating on a NT 4.0 platform. Of these, some 60 per cent were still running line of business applications incompatible with the newer 2000 or 2003 server products, including Microsoft’s Exchange 5.5 and SQL 7, as well as third-party business applications.  Using Virtual Server 2005, customers could continue to run these applications on a virtual NT environment, underlined by a Windows 2000 or 2003 platform. This would give customers the benefit of the additional performance, resources, and stronger management and security buffers promised by the newer server software, while also taking away the costs of running multiple NT 4.0 server boxes, Leworthy said. It would also free up funds to invest in upgrading business applications or buying newer software products, he said. "  12:36:48 AM  permalink  

SWsoft: Control Panels, VPS and Hosting Automation Solution: "Mainframe-like dynamic partitioning, resource management with full isolation of each partition, OS virtualization that allows migration of a VPS to another physical machine, and templating to manage mass deployment of updates and applications"  12:33:18 AM  permalink  

Virtual Server 2005 Released to Manufacturing: "August 5, 2004: Virtual Server 2005 is released to manufacturing, a Microsoft spokesperson said Thursday. RTM marks the final development milestone in the server virtualization software's odyssey .. The precise delivery date is not public, although general availability usually follows RTM by less than two months. "  12:27:50 AM  permalink  

About IP Fabrics: "IP Fabrics’ technology stems from the premise that future networks will demand three attributes that are often at odds with another:  1. True wire-speed performance; 2. Much more intelligence directly in the network; 3. Readily extensible to new protocols, new threats, and new silicon.  We believe highly parallel NPUs (network processors) present the best opportunity for satisfying these objectives.. The radically different approach consists of a very-high-level packet processing language and a virtual machine environment for it. The language and environment are well suited for any application based on IP technology, including firewalls, VPNs, security gateways, intrusion detection, content switching, application-layer firewalling, SPAM filtering, traffic monitoring, and many more. "  12:08:32 AM  permalink  

daily link  Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Virtual Machine Shootout: Concise overview of the VMware workstation and MS Virtual PC products, with a performance comparison.  VMware averages around 10% worse than hardware, VPC 20% worse.  5:17:56 PM  permalink  

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