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daily link  Monday, October 25, 2004

Solar plan for Indian computers:  "Authorities in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have drawn up a pilot project to use solar power to run computers in village schools.  Nearly 80% of houses are estimated to have no power, and many villages suffer frequent disruption in supply because of power cuts or other faults.   Many have to use kerosene lamps for light and most government-run primary schools have no power at all."  There is rural experience with solar for other purposes, such as battery charging and water pumps.  "Last year 109 solar pumps were installed, but the administration now aims to install 400 in 2004. "  9:54:14 PM  permalink  

daily link  Monday, October 04, 2004

Compact refrigeration technology:  "Twinbird Corporation are in the final stage of the development work on the Free Piston Stirling Cooler "FPSC-TB40" and expects to have market ready products in Fiscal Year 2003. The TB40 has significant differences to the conventional Rankine compressor or Peltier (thermoelectric) module type refrigeration systems. It is a new type of refrigeration system that uses neither ozone depleting nor global warming gas and no lubrication oil. The cooling technique is based on the Stirling cycle for maximum efficiency. Aside from being environmentally friendly, the unit is also compact, light weight and may be operated on many different power sources such as AC or DC electricity and photovoltaics."  Could prove very useful in developing country or off-grid conditions with variable DC power (e.g., solar cells).  4:58:08 PM  permalink  

daily link  Sunday, October 03, 2004

Kenya: Duo Taps Wind Power [via Alternative Energy Blog]: Entrepreneurs have developed a low-cost locally-assembled micro wind turbine for household power.  "Kenyan duo Philip Osula and Mwacharo Guyo have installed wind-powered electricity generators in various homes in Nairobi, Mandera, Olengurueni and Taita in the last three years.. Using a simple dynamo-like appliance, the technicians coil a coated wire around a revolving magnet, which induces an alternating current into the wires once it starts rotating. "We make the turbines using waste material which includes wood and fibreglass, which makes them light for easy rotation by wind," explains Osula. "  It is described as having a 10 inch diameter and 3 kw capacity.
  11:03:32 PM  permalink  

Winning the Oil Endgame: RMI's latest book on energy futures.  "Winning the Oil Endgame offers a coherent strategy for ending oil dependence, starting with the United States but applicable worldwide. There are many analyses of the oil problem. This synthesis is the first roadmap of the oil solution -- one led by business for profit, not dictated by government for reasons of ideology. This roadmap is independent, peer-reviewed, written for business and military leaders, and co-funded by the Pentagon"  11:40:47 AM  permalink  

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