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daily link  Tuesday, September 21, 2004

BBC NEWS on distributed micropower: Nice review of various small-scale technologies.  Interesting figure: "ground source heat pumps extract stored solar energy from the ground to run a home's central heating, and can cost as little as an oil-fired boiler to install. Widely used in the rural US, they produce three or four units of heat for every unit of electricity they use, and can be reversed to provide cooling."  I wonder if new materials for the underground piping can make the energy transfer more efficient, reducing the installation costs of these heat pumps.  9:57:51 AM  permalink  

daily link  Saturday, September 11, 2004

DOE AND OPIC Form Partnership to Promote Environmentally Sound Economic Development in Emerging Markets: "Under this agreement, both agencies will work to create an Efficient Energy and Renewables Program focused on innovative financing and creative partnerships that will lead to environmentally-sound economic growth in developing countries throughout the world.   .. , DOE and OPIC are currently engaged in an effort to gather information regarding wind and efficiency opportunities in developing countries to determine the most promising targets for investment. "

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