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daily link  Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Cane waste into electricity: "Cogeneration from bagasse could supply 25% of power in cane-producing countries, according to a report from the World Alliance for Decentralized Energy.  The overall potential share in the world’s major developing country producers exceeds 7%, but no more than 15% of this potential has yet been realized, says the report, ‘Bagasse Cogeneration - Global Review & Potential.’ Bagasse cogeneration describes the use of fibrous sugarcane waste to cogenerate heat and electricity at high efficiency in sugar mills.

“The critical condition for the full exploitation of this major opportunity is that mill owners should be able to secure competitive rates for the electricity they supply to the grid or to other power consumers,” it explains. “Currently, these buyback rates only rarely reflect the fair value of the electricity to the system - disincentivising producers and preventing high efficiency cogeneration plants from being optimally sized to meet heat demand.”
The issue is being addressed in parts of India, where the introduction of biomass feed-in tariffs are ensuring that the external benefits of bagasse cogeneration are recognised by markets. The cost burden to India will be reduced by almost US$1 billion a year through a buyback rate of 7¢/kWh.. "  The Kyoto CDM is seen as a financing mechanism for these plants.  4:19:50 PM  permalink  

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