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daily link  Friday, January 16, 2004

WorldWater News Sept 2003: "Ronda, Cebu, Philippines, will inaugurate the world’s first solar powered, prepaid municipal water distribution system .. For the first time, a municipal water distribution system utilizes smart card technology as a financing solution for community water production and to remove problems associated with the payment collection process. The Ronda system uses WorldWater’s proprietary AquaCard™ (Smart Card) debit card system, which operates directly with WorldWater’s AquaMeter™ solar pumping stations throughout the community. The project was made possible by a commercial loan from the Philippine National Bank (PNB), and required no special subsidies or grants.  “This is one of the first times that PNB has been able to lend to a municipality the size of Ronda,” said Worldwater (Phils.) President John Herrman. “The bank’s willingness is based on the collection security of the ‘AquaCard™,’ which enables the community to recover its costs and pay off the loan.” .. Water purchased from the AquaMeter™ is not only clean, but is also significantly less expensive than water purchased from other sources. "

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