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daily link  Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Solar in Tibet:"Since 1990, China has been promoting the "Sunshine Program" and the "Light of Science Program" in disadvantageous Ngari Prefecture to build solar power stations there. By now, about 60 solar power stations have been built and 80 percent of nomadic Tibetans are using solar energy for light and warmth at night.    In a nomadic tent set up in Coqen county, 65-year-old Tibetan Dagyi said .. "My home can save approximately 100 ghee [yak butter for light] each year, which we can sell for about 1,200 yuan (about 145 US dollars)," said Dagyi. ..

According to sources with the Solar Energy Promotion Center in Ngari Prefecture, solar energy development has been introduced notonly for lighting but other areas like heating, agriculture, herding and use in water conservancy projects. By the end of the year, solar lights will be available for nearly 70,000 Tibetans in the prefecture."

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