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daily link  Tuesday, November 04, 2003

BP Launches Rural Solar Project Initiative (October 28, 2003): "BP will lead an initiative with partner countries and financial bodies to structure a framework that simplifies the process by which funds are granted. The new framework for project terms would apply not just to solar PV but to any other form of renewable energy project for the developing world. The framework would standardize key areas such as the bid process, the evaluation criteria, the payment terms, maintenance, and performance criteria and remove anything that contributes to cost-adding unnecessary bureaucracy or, as importantly, does not support delivery.

Within the terms of this framework, BP will provide solar panels and services at cost over the next two years to developing world projects created under the auspices of the REEEP framework... the very fact that the business is approached as an intermittent series of projects increases costs because the start-up costs are repeated each time, and there are no economies of scale." The outcome of the proposed new framework is that it will help stimulate funds flow and efficient project administration and execution and contractors such as BP are held to account for delivery so that many more larger scale projects can be viable."

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