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daily link  Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Renewables in the Caribbean:  "Caricom, An association of countries in the Caribbean will hire a consultant to identify renewable energy projects in the region.  CARICOM is the executing agency for the Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Project, and the consultant will provide expert technical assistance to identify projects and undertake feasibility studies to promote development of more projects. The work will include conducting resource assessments and utility planning in renewable energy projects, as well as identifying bankable projects in renewables...  The coalition wants to lever US$4 million of GEF funding over four years, with additional funding from the German GTZ for $2.2 million. .. Thirty-one projects identified by CARICOM include a 1.2 MW windfarm in Curacao, a 2 MW facility in Antigua, 3.3 MW site in St. Nevis, 10 MW location in Guyana, 12.5 MW site in St. Lucia and a 6 MW location in Barbados. There is also a 10 MW geothermal facility in St. Lucia, 5 MW and 4 MW sites in Montserrat and a 12 MW potential site in Dominica, as well as a 10 MW ocean energy site in the Caymans and a number of solar PV, small hydro and solar thermal sites in the region."   The full RFP is online.  It's the kind of project that could use a KM system.

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