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daily link  Sunday, January 19, 2003

India prepares uniform national renewable energy policy: "The Act would enable the Centre issue mandatory orders, the Union minister of state for non-conventional energy sources M Kannappan said here on Friday. "Different states are having diverse policies which undergo frequent changes confusing the investors and users of renewable energy. The new Act will be an answer to this problem and enable the country to achieve its goal of 10,000 mw renewable energy capacity by 2012'', he said.

.. "We have a target of 3100 mw of power generation capacity and the electrification of 5000 villages. Of the new capacity, 1500 mw will be based on wind, 600 mw on small hydro and 750 mw on biomass sources including co-generation in sugar mills'', [the MNES secretary] said.  The minister said the Kyoto protocol has created a favourable climate for mobilising international support for renewable energy development. The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM ) was one of the avenues through which financial resources can be raised. Six projects in the areas of wind power and biomass power have been shortlisted under the carbon emission reduction certification (CERUPT) tender floated by the government of Netherlands for meeting a portion of their emission reduction targets. He said MNES would support any effort for foreign investments in manufacturing and power generation projects.  

Mr Kannappan said India has been supporting renewable energy projects in other developing countries. Assistance was extended for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems in Cuba, Senegal, Namibia, Syria and Oman. Approval has been accorded for similar projects in Myanmar and Nepal, he added. "

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Compressed air city cars near production:  "MDI Enterprise is nearing the completion of its first factory in Carosse, in the South of France, which will manufacture cars that run entirely on compressed air. The company has signed contracts to build a further 35 factories across Europe, including three in the UK, ten in Italy and six in Spain ... Overnight the cars are plugged into the grid, and need around 22KW [kwh?] to refill their tanks. During the day, the cars can average 200km around a city before they need to be recharged and refuelled.  ... MDI’s small cars, called CITYCATs, are expected to cost no more than the average car - between €8,000 and €10,000, says [CEO] Negre. Better still, the cost of running each car is estimated at €0.75 per 100km. CITYCATs can cover 240km at an average speed of 60km/h, up to a maximum speed of 110km/h. The company is currently experimenting with similar designs for buses."  I think about applications on farms or rural areas, where small scale wind produces excess power intermittently, esp. at night. 

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Algeria's solar plans: "New Energy Algeria (NEAL) has joined that International Energy Agency’s solar power programme, SolarPACES. Algeria aims to increase its solar power to 5% of its electricity generation by 2010, and is hoping to establish a partnership with the European Union to supply electricity from Algerian solar power plants. Plans are underway for two under sea transmission cables with capacity of 1.2GW each to carry electricity from Algeria to Spain and Italy."  SolarPACES is an IEA research program on concentrating solar themal power systems.  9:45:23 PM  permalink  

Japan to fund green projects in return for emission credits : "Japan will help to fund projects in developing countries conducted under the mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol starting next fiscal year, government officials said ... The government will shoulder a third of the costs for projects, including wind-power plants and production of ethanol fuel from methane generated at waste-disposal plants in developing countries.  By helping pay for such projects, Japan expects to obtain nearly 1.2 million tons worth of emission credits per year.  The government is already planning to fund three projects next fiscal year and will allocate 300 million yen for the purpose ($2.5m)"  9:38:00 PM  permalink  

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