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daily link  Wednesday, June 19, 2002

World Bank Approves Extra Measures at Bujagali: WB is backing both sustainable and unsustainable energy in Uganda:  "The World Bank announced its approval of financial assistance totalling up to US $225 million to support the building of a large-scale dam near Bujagali Falls on the River Nile in December 2001, although the project has been criticised by environmental groups, which say the dam could cause irreversible social and environmental damage to the area The project consists of a 200-MW hydropower station.."  12:23:31 AM  permalink  

daily link  Monday, June 17, 2002

Sales of Solar Cells Take Off: Solar cell production has averaged 35% annual growth for the last five years with 2002 on the same track.  2001 saw 375 MW built, for a total of 1800 MW installed. "More than a million homes worldwide, mainly in villages in developing countries, now get their electricity from solar cells.. Solar cells currently cost around $3.50 per watt for crystalline cells, and $2 per watt for thin-film wafers, which are less efficient but can be integrated into building materials. Industry analysts note that between 1976 and 2000, each doubling of cumulative production resulted in a price drop of 20 percent. "  35% annual growth translates to cumulative doubling every 2.5 years, or halving costs every 8 years.  4:26:56 PM  permalink  

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