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Sustainable Energy for Development: People, organizations, and projects active in environmentally benign energy sources for developing countries.

daily link  Monday, December 09, 2002

Ice-cream chilled with sound waves, milk cooled by the sun :"An eco-friendly fridge freezer that uses sound to cool itself is being tested on ice-cream in the US. The new technology could eventually replace ice-cream cabinets run on ozone-damaging chlorofluorocarbons. Meanwhile, a prototype ice and solar panel tank is chilling Spanish milk with a dual cooling system to ensure the milk remains cold from dawn to dusk."  6:51:52 AM  permalink  

In Praise of Petroleum: "in an editorial appearing this week in the journal Science, [Berkeley prof. Kirk] Smith argues that switching all 2 billion of the world's poor to liquefied petroleum gas for household use would add a scant 2 percent to the global greenhouse gas emissions of fossil fuels. At the same time, using gas fuel would decrease the environmental impact on local biomass resources.. Smith led the research team analyzing the health effects of indoor smoke from solid fuels for a recent World Health Organization report. The report, published in October, found that indoor smoke from solid fuels ranked as one of the top 10 risk factors for the global burden of disease, accounting for 1.6 million premature deaths each year. "  6:45:30 AM  permalink  

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