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daily link  Monday, October 14, 2002

Solar Photovoltaic Industry Cost and Price Trends: Page with many useful reference figures.  Example: "competitiveness of solar PV in different market segments:"

Solar markets
Solar Price/Competing Energy source
Remote Industrial
0.1-0.5 times
Remote Habitational
0.2-0.8 times
Grid Connected
2-5 times
Consumer Indoor

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Sun-powered fridge : A South African high school student demonstrates a solar refrigerator:  "Matthews' invention uses sunlight, captured by an array of solar panels, to drive coolant around a refrigerator the size of a large picnic cooler. Matthews' dream is to sell Solar Freeze to rural villages in Africa and Asia at below 500 rands (50 dollars) each."  10:22:04 AM  permalink  

Bids required for Manthania, India solar thermal plant: "Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation is implementing the Rs907-crore ($187m) project while the Rajasthan Power Distribution Agency has agreed to purchase all the power. DSD Dillinger of Germany, Larsen and Toubro and Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd have been shortlisted under the prequalification process. The project is expected to be commissioned in 36 months. Parabolic trough technology will be used for collecting solar thermal energy. The parabolic mirror will have 2,20,000 square metres area for collecting solar energy. The project will receive funding of 128 million euro from KfW of Germany, US$45 million from the World Bank's Global Environment Facility (GEF) and Rs50 crore ($10m) each from the Government of India and the Government of Rajasthan. "  10:15:49 AM  permalink  

Bolivia secures $60M for rural electrification (Oct 9, 2002): "Bolivia's government has secured provisional commitments for loans totaling approximately US$60mn towards a US$200mn rural electrification program, Bolivia's hydrocarbons minister Fernando Illanes said. The provisional commitments have come from the Andean Development Corporation (CAF), German development bank KfW and the World Bank. Bolivia's government will continue to seek other sources of financing and also expects to provide an undefined amount of funds itself, Illanes said. President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada has committed himself to providing electric power to 200,000 homes over the next five years, although the government envisages an emergency program to be implemented within the next 90 days. The plan includes extending distribution networks and installing solar power units in the more remote parts of the country."  10:09:39 AM  permalink  

Solar power under spotlight in Thai Government: "Porponth Sichanugrist is the acting deputy director of energy projects at the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA).. So far, only six megawatts of solar cells have been installed across the country, most of them as part of state-development projects in remote areas. The production relies heavily on imported technology.  Initially, the National Energy Policy Office drafted a master plan to increase solar-energy production to 25.94 megawatts by 2006 and to 161.97 megawatts by 2011.  .. In the next five years, NSTDA's solar energy operating unit is due to be privatised and become a distributor of solar-power products. A total of 300 million baht ($7m)would be invested in the venture.  Seven or eight Thai companies were interested in contributing a total of 50 million baht with the state putting in 250 million baht, he said.  .. The NSTDA and the Federation of Thai Industries have already spent 10 million baht on establishing a joint venture which, to date, has installed solar roofs on 10 factories that wanted to reduce their energy bills. "  10:06:58 AM  permalink  

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