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daily link  Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Wind power majors see growth in India:  "Two of the world's leading wind turbine makers Danish Vestas and NEG Micon are both expecting strong growth in India, the fifth biggest wind power market in the world.  "India will be a very important market in the years to come. I think we will see market growth rates of at least 40-50 per cent annually," Rakesh Bakshi, managing director of Vestas RRB India. "  Bakshi projects 6-7000 MW sales for the industry in the next 10 years.  8:55:03 PM  permalink  

Calculating electricity GHG impact: In a story about the Nature Conservancy's plans to procure renewable power for its HQ, some interesting statistics were offered.  The HQ uses 4,000,000 kwh per year, of which 10% will soon be from renewable sources.  A number of equivalents were derived:

  • A typical home uses 10,000 kwh/year (ie, 10 Mwh)
  • Each Mwh emits 1,600 lbs (or .75 metric tonnes) of CO2
  • A typical car emits 10,000 lbs (or 4.5 metric tonnes) CO2/year
  • An acre of forest absorbs 7,300 lbs (or 3.3 metric tonnes) CO2/year


  • A typical home emits 60% more CO2 than a typical car each year
  • A typical car's emissions are absorbed by 1.4 acres of forest
  • A typical home's emissions are absorbed by 2.3 acres of forest
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