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Sustainable Energy for Development: People, organizations, and projects active in environmentally benign energy sources for developing countries.

daily link  Monday, October 07, 2002

Grameen Shakti PV's in Bangladesh: "Generation of electricity from solar energy has gained popularity in Pirojpur and other remote coastal areas and offshore islands of the country,.. provided by Grameen Shakti, a project of Grameen Bank.  Installation and operation of the Grameen Shakti sponsored solar energy system require a solar panel, necessary battery for preserving electricity, charge controller and other inputs. ..

A 25-watt solar energy system costing Tk 12,000 [$210] can generate power for four hours every day where two six-watt bulbs can operate.  On the other hand, a 120-watt system at a cost of Tk 55,000 [$950] generates power for lighting 10 six-watt bulbs and operating a 20 inches black and white television.

Any intending user of solar energy can subscribe it with a down payment at the rate of 25 % of the total cost of Tk 12,000 or 55,000. The remaining 75 % along with a service charge at the rate of 8 % is payable in 24 monthly instalments. [Or] One can obtain the connection of the solar energy system with 15 % down payment and rest payable in 36 monthly instalments with a 12 % service charge."

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Philippine renewable energy project: "The Philippine government, supported by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the private sector involved in promoting the use of renewable energy in the country, will undertake a $23.36-million project aimed at reducing the growth of greenhouse gas emissions by replacing fossil fuel. " GEF will supply $5.4m, with the remainder coming from private sector sources (Philippine National Oil Co. (PNOC), PNOC-Energy Development Corp., American firm Smith Bell, Solar Laboratory and the Renewable Energy Association of the Philippines).  The project will last 5 years and be called Capacity Building to Remove Barriers on Renewable Energy Development in the Philippines (CBRED).   "The CBRED program will also provide financing mechanisms that will serve as a buffer fund to encourage investors to embark on the use and commercialization of renewable energy systems and technologies"  8:42:31 AM  permalink  

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