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daily link  Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Africa Development Bank approves water projects: "The bank approved a loan of about US $20.1 million to finance a rural water supply project in Guinea. It is intended to provide drinking water to the villages of Dabola and Faranah in the center of the country, Kankan and Kouroussa in the east, and Siguiri in the northeast. Some 1,100 modern water points equipped with manual pumps and six small drinking water supply solar-powered systems are to be installed, in the hope of providing at least 10 litres of water per capita per day in these areas by the year 2005, according to a press release from the bank. Five thousand family and 200 public latrines will also be constructed"  10:06:42 PM  permalink  

Solar Dynamics Announces Portable Personal Power System: "Solar Dynamics, Inc., a manufacturer of portable solar power systems, announced today the availability of The Cub, a lightweight (13 lbs), portable power source that provides DC and AC electricity for small electronic devices and recharges itself through a 5 watt thin film solar module.. The Cub™ DC version provides 3, 6, 9 and 12 volts of DC.  The Cub™ AC/DC version provides both DC power and up to 75 watts of AC power.  Both DC and AC/DC versions come with DC power socket adapters and an energy efficient task/flash light.  An 8 watt waterproof fluorescent light, wall charger and 12 volt DC charger to charge from a car cigarette lighter outlet are optional accessories sold separately."  10:02:03 PM  permalink  

SIDA-funded training programme for wind power technology in developing countries: The ÅF Group will conduct a course called "The management of wind power development."  "The course will run over a period of five weeks in 2003 and will be held in Malmö, Stockholm and Visby. Two more courses are already planned for 2004 and 2005..  For further information: Project Leader, Bertil Ahlbeck +46(0)40-375000.  The ÅF Group is a large consulting company, based in Sweden, www.af.se"  8:00:16 PM  permalink  

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