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daily link  Sunday, September 22, 2002

How does Australia scrub up at the carbon sink?  "Back in 2000, John Stanford of the Allen Consulting group was a Kyoto protocol "bear". In a report that year, he predicted that if Australia signed the international treaty to combat climate change, 160,000 regional jobs would go - along with $11 billion, or 1.9 per cent, of the national economy.  But 18 months farther along his road to Damascus, Stanford underwent a radical conversion. Now he says we may not face any economic costs."  Key factors:

  • Credit for potential carbon sinks in Australia (introduced into Kyoto in 2001)
  • US absence from Kyoto means fewer buyers for emission credits, and thereby a lower price
  • Australia can help Japan, Korea and others reduce emissions

"12 Australian companies take the prospect of carbon trading that they paid $US100,000 ($A183,000) to be involved in a simulation of trading arrangements being run by Rothschild and the E3 Group."  The story also reports on a BP trial of gasoline called Ultimate, with an extra charge of about 14 US cents per gallon for carbon offsets in the price of the gas.

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German company 500 PPM launches websites that bring new climate protection options to consumers: "500 PPM today announced the opening of a website (travel.500ppm.com) that allows the general public to offset harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions they create through air travel. Users can calculate and then neutralise these emissions online by purchasing verified emission offsets from emission reducing projects in South Africa, Brazil, India and Jamaica."  Current prices are $8 per tonne Co2e, plus $5 per transaction.  For reference, California-Australia roundtrip travel produces 2.8 tonnes.  7:59:44 AM  permalink  

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