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daily link  Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Solar Firm Moving to Kampala: More on China's Shenzhen Suntopway: "representative Henry Hsia told The EastAfrican that the real incentive in move its base in East Africa is to cut down on production and transportation costs. The company is looking for a favourable tax regime, suitable premises and an "encouraging market response." Shenzhen currently supplies 15 African countries, which account for over 70 per cent of its sales. Africa is today the fastest growing market for solar products, boosted by rural electrification policies. ..  "Africa is our biggest market and if we manufacture from here, our products would be cheaper and more competitive," said Mr Hsia. "We hope that within two years, if the market is successful, we can move here." Mr Hsia is in the country studying the market, searching for partners and agents in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. If the factory moves from China to Uganda, it will be the first time that Uganda benefits from a full scale industrial relocation, including the relocation of company headquarters. Mr Hsia said that Shenzhen was still undecided whether the company's headquarters would be in Nairobi or Kampala. What was certain, he said, Uganda would be its manufacturing base in Africa. "

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