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daily link  Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Foresight Board Welcomes Lawrence Lessig, Amory Lovins, Christopher Hook:  "The new advisors will join a stellar group including Stewart Brand, Global Business Network; Jamie Dinkelacker, Ph.D., Advisor to NanoBusiness Alliance; Doug Engelbart, Ph.D., Bootstrap Institute; John Gilmore, Electronic Frontier Foundation; Prof. Arthur Kantrowitz, Dartmouth College; Ray Kurzweil, Kurzweil Technologies; Prof. Marvin Minksy, MIT; and Peter Schwartz, Global Business Network."
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UC Berkeley Nano-Engineering:  Arun Majumdar has a group investigating nano materials for conversion of waste heat to electricity:  a Nano Thermal program, and Superlattices in particular.  11:37:56 AM  permalink  

daily link  Thursday, December 11, 2003

Harris & Harris Group Inc.: A publicly traded VC fund, trading under NASDAQ "TINY". Holds Nanosys and several other investments.  9:51:11 PM  permalink  

daily link  Sunday, December 07, 2003

CBEN The Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology: Rice University nano research center focuses on environmental impacts:  "The research in this theme area endeavors to guarantee that nanotechnology emerges as a positive, powerful tool for improving our environment. Two project areas look at the fabrication and applications of membranes in which nanochemistry has provided fine control over pore density, morphology and surface chemistry. Chemistry, modeling and environmental technology are blended in these collaborative programs aimed at the production of better water treatment systems, catalytic supports and filters. The third project area measures the potential for nanostructures to influence the fate and transport of organic and inorganic contaminants in water.  .. This information makes it possible to anticipate the unintended consequences of passive sorption onto nanoparticles in waste streams; in addition, it also provides a springboard for the intentional design of separable nanoparticles able to sequester waste products. Future work in this area will expand to include the interaction of nanoparticles with biological systems, such as bacteria, so as to enable the center to develop a comprehensive environmental impact statement for nanomaterials."  8:03:25 PM  permalink  

daily link  Monday, December 01, 2003

Ready to make a great leap forward: Nice review of Boston-area innovators in energy, sensors, RFID, 3d displays, RNAi, and implanted medical devices.  6:16:24 PM  permalink  

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